Intraday Calls in Commodities

(Research Services Launch Plan)
v. Intraday Calls in Commodities

◎ 1. Calls will be given only if there is an opportunity seen. Sometimes there can be multiple calls in a day. Sometimes there would be none. Usually there would be 2 to 5 calls in a week.
◎ 2. Calls would mainly be in gold, silver and crude oil.
◎ 3. Service would be delivered thru WhatsApp
◎ 4. Call should be implemented asap; else the risk reward ratio may get unfavorable. Might require quick execution skills.
◎ 5. Trailing of SL might be suggested in certain calls as required, not always.
◎ 6. Once you pay and subscribe to this service, the same payment cannot be shifted to another service.
◎ 7. Refund will not be given under any circumstances except if there is a technical error and payment is made twice.
◎ 8. Investment: 6K/month or 18K for 3 months. For 6 months, 34K and for 12 months, 64K.
◎ 9. This segment will be active & available for subscription soon

Please note :

◎ All services will made available through…….(WhatsApp/Telegram)
◎ Once you make the payment, services will begin 48 hrs. after receipt of payment

Below shown is the Comparison Table of our services