Active Investment Ideas

Excl. of GST

1. These calls could be seen/treated like active investments
2. Calls shall be given in Stocks & Futures.
3. Service would be delivered thru WhatsApp / Telegram
4. Holding period would vary from 2 weeks to 16 weeks approximately
5. Usually there would be 2 to 4 calls in a month
6. If market remains in sustained downtrend over weeks or months, then reduced number of calls might be given for obvious reasons.
7. Once you pay and subscribe to this service, the same payment cannot be shifted to another service.
8. Refund will not be given under any circumstances except if there is a technical error and payment is made twice.

1. If we receive your payment between 1st and 10th of a month, your subscription begins from 11th of that month. If the payment is received between 11th and 20th, services begin from 21st of that month. If the payment is received between 21st and 31st of the month, the service begins from 1st of the next month.
2. If your subscription is for a particular duration, say 1 month…and if we are unavailable for certain days of that duration, then we will extend the end date of your subscription by that many days.

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